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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Released to Manufacturing

The title says it all really, but SCVMM 2008 has finally been released.  Many industry experts feel Virtual Machine Management is going to be a very key market and MS have moved down a strange road for them.  This release not only manages Virtual Server on Windows Server 2003 and Hyper-V on Windows Server 2008 it also provides full management of VMWare ESX Server V35i through intergration with Virtual Centre.  Soon through an update (service pack I would imagine) it will also provide support for XEN based solutions.  From a systems management point of view this makes life really easy, one console, one command line environment to manage different platforms.

The new management console also takes many tasks that can be implemented without SCVMM and make them very easy to implement (as simple a selecting a single tick box) to improving the functionality greatly (providing dynamic data center functionality). Integration with System Centre Operations Manager to provide in depth performance monitoring for intelligent placement and distribution of Virtual Machines.

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