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Friday, 14 September 2007


Hi everyone and welcome to my place

I am not really sure what will be happening here. For a few years now I have thought about starting a blog to share professional and personal thoughts about me and the world. So I guess now is the time for me to start.

About Me

I am an IT person for my sins. I have been working in IT since 1983 starting with Burroughs, (for those with long memories), now Unisys. I have worked in many roles mostly within the Microsoft and hardware space, performing support, consultancy and now training roles. I have designed networks, software infrastructure and solutions for multi-nationals, banks and retail organisations, and now currently educate most of them through my role at QA-IQ as a Microsoft MCT.

I have many interests, first and foremost my family, but I also have a number of hobbies including Motorbikes, Fishing, RC Models and maybe caravanning (still looking at that one). I am sure a number of entries will be not be technical so there will be more for you to find out about me.

What Will Happen Here
I guess ultimately I do not know, I ramble a lot of rubbish at times (my head is fully of it so I am sure you will get some of that). You might have noticed I have not listed IT in any shape or form as a hobby. It is my job I believe I am good at it but it is not one of my passions.

I hope this will be interesting for some people. I look forward to chatting....

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